Associate Professor
work phone: 6048229312
West Mall Annex 239
Senior Instructor, Psychology
Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts
work phone: 6048222851
work phone: 6048229948
Kenny Room 3102-2136
Associate Dean, Academic, & Senior Instructor
Medieval Japanese Literature, Culture and Society
work phone: 6048223247
Asian Centre 407
Instructor I, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies
Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice
Associate Professor, Educational Studies
Faculty Associate, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice
work phone: 6048225353
Ponderosa G 31
Assistant Professor, English
Associate Editor (Reviews), Canadian Literature
work phone: 6048224469
Buchanan Tower 604
Professor, Visual Art
work phone: 6048221584
BC Binning Studio 209
Adjunct Professor, History
Buchanan Tower Room 1197-A
Associate Professor, English
Program Director, ACAM
work phone: 6048224068
Buchanan Tower 624
Assistant Professor, Theatre Studies
Advisor, MA Theatre Program
Advisor, PhD Theatre Program
work phone: 6048220944
Associate Professor, Sociology
work phone: 6048226494
AnSo 2315
Associate Professor, Asian Studies
Chair in Punjabi Language, Literature and Sikh Studies
work phone: 6048225185
Asian Centre 411
Associate Professor, Asian Studies
work phone: 6048225188
Asian Centre 408
Assistant Professor, Asian Studies
work phone: 6048272093
Asian Centre 403B
Associate Professor, History
Principal, St. John’s College
mobile: 7788955088
St. John’s College