I am a happy mother of two children and love dance, jazz, film, modern art, fiction, and travels.

Selected Publications

Books and Journal Articles


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Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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Other Creative Writing

  1. Jennifer Chan. 2007. Tastes of Exile and Home in Brandy Lien Worrall, ed. Eating Stories: A Chinese Canadian & Aboriginal Potluck. Vancouver, BC: Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC.
  2. Jennifer Chan. 2007. Workshop and Law by Nyata Nyata. Dance Central (Scotiabank Dance Centre newsletter), May/June, p. 4.

Other Research Contributions: Arts Exhibition and Films

  1. Jennifer Chan. 2007. Producer/Director. Day of Shame. Outstanding Achievement in Film, Eyelens Film Festival, Vancouver. Film screened at the Gulf Island Film and Television School, Galiano Island, BC. June 15th.
  2. Jennifer Chan. 2007. Producer/Director. Last Tango in Paris. Film screened at the Gulf Island Film and Television School, Galiano Island, BC. June 15th.
  3. Jennifer Chan. 2007. Producer/Director. Melody of Flute. Film screened at the Gulf Island Film and Television School, Galiano Island, BC. June 15th.
  4. Jennifer Chan. 2007. Co- Producer/Director. Soul on Fire. Film screened at the Gulf Island Film and Television School, Galiano Island, BC. June 15th.
  5. Jennifer Chan. 2007. Riotous Displays: Celebrating Diversity and Peace. Collaborative artwork for Exquisite Crisis: Encounter Z, organized by Yong Soon Min and presented by Asian/Pacific/American Institute at New York University, February 15-May 31.

Conference Presentations and Proceedings

  1. 2011 “Beyond the Millenium Development Goals? Comparing Education for All and Health for All Movements”. Panelist, Comparative and International Education Annual Conference. Montreal. May 1, 2011.
  2. 2011 “Glocal Islam: Muslim nongovernmental organizations and Multicultural Japan”. Panelist, Japanese Association of Asian Studies, Hilton Hawaiian Villages. April 2.
  3. 2010 “Global Muslim Networks? Islamic Nongovernmental Organizations in Japan”. Panelist, Japanese Studies Association of Canada Annual Conference, University of British Columbia. October 1.

Book Reviews

  1. Jennifer Chan. 2011. “Women’s Movements in Asia: Feminisms and Transnational Activism.” Pacific Affairs. Volume 84, No. 2.
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  5. Jennifer Chan. 2010. “Another Kind of Luxury: Japanese Lessons in Simple Living and Inner Abundance.” Kyoto Journal, 75, pp. 105-6.

Invited Presentations

  1. 2013 “Against Market and the Intellectual Propertization of Life: Access to Essential Medicines in Thailand, China, India, Brazil, and South Africa.” Conference: Public Health Policy in Asia: Rights, Risks, Redistribution and Resilience. UBC Faculty of Law and Institute of Asian Research. December 6-7.
  2. 2013 “Politics in the Corridor of Dying: AIDS Activism and Global Health Governance.” UBC, Interdisciplinary Studies Gradute Program. October 16.
  3. 2013 “Politics in the Corridor of Dying: AIDS Activism and Global Health Governance.” UBC, College of Health Disciplines. June 12.
  4. 2012 “The Long Road to Equity.” Happy Too Asian: Celebrating Activism Against Racism in the Media. W2 Media Café, Vancouver. November 12.
  5. 2011 “La participation feministe dans la politique international.” Invited panelist, Table Rond, Réseau-Femmes Colombie- Britannique, Vancouver. January 18.
  6. 2010 “Global Governance Reforms: Some Theoretical and Methodological Explorations”. Invited lecture for faculty and postdoctoral fellows, Department of Human Geography, Planning & International Development Studies, University of Amsterdam. February 4, 2010.
  7. 2010 “The Emergence of a Right to Health Regime: Transnational Advocacy and Global Health Governance Reforms”. Seminar on Civil Society Advocacy and Education for All: Strategies, Outcomes and Future Challenges. February 4, 2010. University of Amsterdam.
  8. 2010 “Making UBC Work for Women Faculty.” UBC Faculty Association. Liu Center for the Study of Global Issues, January 14.
  9. 2009 “University Crisis in Japan and France: Globalization, Restructuring and Academic Capitalism.” CHET seminar, UBC. November 26.
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