Ruth Fusako Cezar (1923-2020)

The faculty, staff and students of the Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies Program are deeply saddened by the passing of Ruth Fusako Cezar (nee Nagata) on May 27, 2020. Ms. Cezar was one of the 76 Japanese Canadian students forcibly removed from UBC in 1942. During the war, Ms. Cezar and her family relocated to Edmonton and then Toronto. She eventually graduated from Trinity College at the University of Toronto before embarking on a long career in management.

Along with her late sister Mary Kato, Ms. Cezar was featured in the film “A Degree of Justice,” which was produced for 2012 convocation at UBC for the Japanese Canadian students of 1942. Their interview describes some of their experiences following the events of 1942. We are grateful to Ms. Cezar for sharing her stories so that the injustices of the past would never be forgotten.

Ms. Cezar’s biography can be found in the Degree of Justice Yearbook.

“A Degree of Justice: Japanese Canadian UBC Students of 1942”

ACAM would like to extend our sincere condolences to Ms. Cezar’s family and friends. She is deeply missed.