text set against background of people walking on a path, text reads "ACAM 350: Asian Canadian Community-Based Media." Course conducted by Professor Alejandro Yoshizawa, held in Term 1 on Tuesdays from 4pm to 7pm

Taught by ACAM faculty and filmmaker Alejandro Yoshizawa, ACAM350 – Asian Canadian Community Media offers an introduction to techniques and practices of digital media production within the context of ethical community engagement.

Students enrolled in this course are expected to produce a short film on topics and issues pertinent to local Asian Canadian communities in Vancouver.  Through readings and discussions focusing on topics including race and representation, media and technology, oral history, deep listening, and the ethics of community-based research, this course encourages students to critically reflect on their participation in filmmaking as a tool for community engagement.  To showcase ACAM350’s teaching and learning outcomes, and to facilitate broader conversations around issues explored in student films, ACAM will host a public screening at the end of the term.

Beyond the scope of the course, our student films produced through this course have consistently been featured in the annual Vancouver Asian Film Festival: Radicalizing Intimacies by Stephanie Fung and Joanna Yang (2014); Cantonese: Passing by Elizabeth Cheong and Lisa Lee (2015); and Under Fire by Christy Fong and Denise Fong (2016); and Flagged by Mimi Nguyen (2017).

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