Faculty Initiatives Fund

Call for Applications – Faculty Initiatives Fund for Asian Canadian Research and Engagement

Application Deadline: December 8, 2023
Amount: Up to $3,000 per successful application 

About the Fund

We invite UBC faculty members to apply for our Faculty Initiatives Fund for Asian Canadian Research and Engagement (FI Fund). The FI Fund is a pilot project created by the Centre for Asian Canadian Research and Engagement (ACRE) in the Faculty of Arts to support faculty members who do work broadly in the field of Asian Canadian, Asian Migration studies and/or with Asian Canadian communities. The FI Fund also seeks to support ACRE’s twin goals of enhancing capacity for research on, for and with Asian Canadian communities by Asian Canadian scholars and for work that critically examines and expands the scope of Asian Canadian studies, especially from equity and intersectional perspectives.

ACRE is a new research Centre (approved in March 2022) committed to nurturing and facilitating community engaged Asian Canadian scholarship and university-community relationship building. We work closely with existing units and groups such as the Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies program (ACAM) to build capacity and infrastructure that support and amplify the diverse work of our faculty, students, alumni, and community members. We would like to thank ACAM for hosting our content while we work on building our own website.

Funding Priorities

For this pilot round of FI Fund applications, we will prioritize the following applications: 

  1. Applications from untenured and non-tenure-track faculty members;
  2. Applications from faculty members from historically, persistently, and systemically marginalized (HPSM) groups; 
  3. Applicants currently without existing funding to support their proposed project; 
  4. Initiatives that nurture and/or grow ethical and reciprocal faculty engagement with community partners; 
  5. Projects that address equity issues within and across Asian Canadian communities and/or in Asian Canadian studies; 
  6. Projects and initiatives in the Humanities, Social Sciences and the Creative & Performing Arts disciplines; and  
  7. Applicants whose main appointment resides in the Faculty of Arts.

Eligible Costs

Examples of eligible costs for the FI Fund include, but are not limited to: 

  • Costs of engaging/convening people in university and/or community settings: such as food, space, gifts/honoraria; 
  • Undergraduate and/or graduate student appointments (salaries & benefits); 
  • Honoraria for guest speakers and workshop attendees; 
  • Costs for research project-related travel (e.g., conferences, field work, or archival work); 
  • Publication related supports (e.g., indexing of manuscripts, copyediting, costs for copyright permissions); 
  • Educational leadership, curricular or pedagogical activities to enhance Asian Canadian teaching and learning at UBC, and; 
  • Fees for teaching- or research-related professional development activities. 

Funding cannot be used to cover the costs of equipment, administrative and operational costs for UBC units and community organizations, or alcohol (or related costs such as liquor licenses). Please refer to the FI Fund’s FAQ page for more information on the fund, including expenditure guidelines, funding restrictions, funding periods, and reporting process.

Funding Amounts

Each applicant can apply for up to $3,000, with a maximum total of $25,000 of FI funding to be disbursed for this pilot round. 


Successful applicants will be invited to an informal celebration of Asian Canadian research and engagement at UBC, to be hosted by ACRE in April or May 2024. We will also ask successful applicants for a short report-back (about 250 words) on their funded activities and impact, which we will use to produce letters of support for ACRE-funded faculty members (e.g., for tenure files) and to report back on supported activities. While optional, we welcome the inclusion of photos and videos as part of the report summary. With FI Fund recipients’ permission, written summaries and multimedia content may be used for promotional/storytelling purposes for ACRE.