Featured Student Films

HIST 482: Remembering the City’s History: Vancouver and Hong Kong in Comparative Context

The following three videos were created by students for HIST 482: “Remembering the City’s History: Vancouver and Hong Kong in Comparative Context” at the University of British Columbia. Food Fight: An Eggsistential Tale (2016) [youtube]https://youtu.be/88RW1yI5bIE[/youtube] Bridging Nostalgia (2016) [youtube]https://youtube.com/watch?v=S4TK8Dbz5h8[/youtube] Beyond Nostalgia (2016) [youtube]https://youtu.be/6ssW-0qtWqo[/youtube]

Lost Spaces, Permanent Places (2016)

By Michael Nguyen, ACAM graduate 2016 Experiences in the refugee camps for Vietnamese Canadians are shown in a personal light through Michael's own family oral histories. This video was created for HIST 483: "Asian Migrations to the Americas" at the University of British Columbia.

Challenges in the Intergenerational Transmission of Sikhism (2015)

By Emmett Chan This video explores the impact of Sikhism on different generations and was created for ASIA 475: "Documenting Punjabi Canada" at the University of British Columbia.

HIST 483: Asian Migrations to the Americas (2015)

"Japanese Canadian internment: interview with Mary Kitagawa (2015)" by Atieh Yekta; "Vietown: Finding Life in Vancouver" by Mimi Nguyen; "Voices of Chinatown" by Stephanie Chan, Mary Chen, and Annie Cheng; and "Origin of Pho" by Helen Le. These projects were created for HIST 483: “Asian Migrations to the Americas” at the University of British Columbia.

Bridging the Gap: A Generation’s Return to Heritage (2014)

[youtube]http://youtu.be/kiBFSd00GOc[/youtube] By Christina Lee What happened to Vancouver’s Chinatown? Seen more and more as simply a place for the elderly to sit around reading newspapers or play mah jong, youth participation in Chinatown has been on the decline. From athletic associations to just plain presence in the neighbourhood, recent visitors note a sharp decrease in […]

4 Reasons Why You should Care about Vancouver’s Chinatown (2014)

This film is created by the students of Professor Henry Yu’s History 483 class. Credits Directed by: Austin Liu, Dominique Bautista, Nicole So, Rafael Fuentes, Tony Wan Written by: Nicole So, Austin Liu and Dominique Bautista Animations by: Rafael Fuentes Narrated by: Dominique Bautista Edited by: Tony Wan Music: “Checking things off” – Lullatone http://youtu.be/kKUQFqzt4xk Special […]

Canadians that Never Arrived: The Komagata Maru and Our Absent History (2014)

[youtube]http://youtu.be/chbS5OkkZnA[/youtube] How does the 1914 Komagata Maru Incident speak to racism in Canada’s past, present, and future? This short documentary features 20+ community leaders, public intellectuals, youth, artists and writers. Filmed by: Alejandro Yoshizawa Edited by: Joanna Yang Production and Research: Shambhavi Srivastava Filmed on traditional and unceded Coast Salish Territories. Produced by: Asian Canadian […]

Radicalizing Intimacy (2014)

By Stephanie Fung and Joanna Yang for FIPR469A: Asian Canadian Film Production at UBC. How do multiple identities (Canadian, youth, Asian, queer) intersect and shape the way we navigate our world? This short film documentary explores how six queer Asian Canadian youth redefine and radicalize the concept of intimacy. Various types of intimacy that defy heteronormative values suggest that seemingly “concrete” notions of closeness and identity are not so straightforward after all.

From Chopsticks to Hockey Sticks (2014)

By Josie Chow (FIPR 469a) Beginning with the personal story of the documentarian, this film expands to explore the challenges of playing hockey in Asia, and the impacts of cultural differences on the game. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwhOeYRvR6s[/youtube]