ACAM_V 390-A_001 – The Heritage of Asian Canadian Migrations

This exchange program allows students to conduct interdisciplinary academic research while exploring the histories, cultures, foodways, heritage, and geographies of Asian migration around the Pacific, particularly Cantonese migration. These migration networks primarily stem from the “Szeyup” or “Four Counties” area of Canton (Guangdong) Province, the home region of many overseas Chinese who went to Canada in the 19th and 20th centuries. With field trips to sites across the Lower Mainland and Kaiping, students will explore themes including race, Asian migrants and Indigeneity, foodscapes, and cultural heritage. Students will learn in traditional and non-traditional classroom settings locally and abroad to explore best practices in ethical community‐based research and knowledge sharing to rethink the history of BC and the Pacific and learn about the intertwined histories of Asian and Cantonese migrants. Students will be asked to present a project at a community showcase in June 2024. Led by Professor Henry Yu (History), this is an ideal opportunity for students looking for a short yet rewarding international experience.

This course is led by UBC faculty member Henry Yu.

Check out the ACAM 390A YouTube Playlist to learn more about the course!

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