ACAM Tote Bag Design Contest – Call for Submissions!


The ACAM team is excited to announce our community design contest for our new tote bags! We know the extended ACAM community is full of amazing artists, writers, and activists, and we’d love to feature your artwork on the new tote bags.  We welcome submissions from everyone, whether you’re a current or previous ACAM student, or if you just love the ACAM family. We tote-lly can’t wait to see your work!

Due to the current pandemic, the ACAM team has not had the chance to meet new students and engage with community members at public events. This contest hopes to provide an opportunity for students to interact with ACAM in ways that might not be possible virtually, or that are not recognized in the (online) classroom setting. The ACAM team hopes to use our platform to encourage students to share the work they do outside of the classroom setting and to help showcase such work.

The deadline for submission is March 29, 2021!


After receiving some feedback and much reflection, our team has decided to modify our tote bag contest.

The updated contest invites people who are interested in this contest to submit a short writeup, a pitch/proposal, or a draft sketch that describes their design.  We also encourage people to share their previous work or any visual references with us so that the team can learn more about their style and aesthetics.  However, we want to note that the intention of this contest is to facilitate engagement with our students and the broader ACAM community.  You don’t need to have a portfolio to participate! We encourage all students, alumni, and community members who wish to share their creative energies to submit an idea. We hope that your design idea will represent your relationship with ACAM and what the program means to you! After reviewing the submissions, we will announce the contest winner at the beginning of April.  The winner will receive a tote bag as well as a $100 prize in the form of honorarium or a gift bag of equivalent value (winner can choose between the two).

Please send your submission to, and use the following as the email subject line: Tote Bag Design Submission

Thank you to our community for engaging with us during this process.  We appreciate your generosity in sharing your thoughts and perspectives with us as our team continues to learn and grow. For any questions, please contact us on Facebook or at

Check out our previous tote bag design below!