Dominique Bautista (BA, English Literature and Sociology)

Born and raised in the 604, Dominique proudly calls Vancouver home: a city that continuously challenges her to consider where she’s “really from”. A cultural hybrid, she has always been interested in identity politics complicated particularly by migration, largely based on her and her family’s experiences. Growing up, Dominique has always been involved with her community, her guiding passion for interacting with various communities including Filipino youth adjusting to Vancouver’s high school scene, Chinese seniors looking to learn English, and newly immigrated families- groups that she seems to find bits of herself in. Graduating with an English Literature and Sociology background to compliment her ACAM degree and community interests, she’s explored issues surrounding Vancouver’s Chinatown in the battle against gentrification. A big foodie herself, she has also (co)-produced films that consider the relationship between food, migration, and identity. When not scouting out new restaurants, she can be found searching for sunshine in her beloved city that always rains.