Student Fellows 2003-2006

Jessica Cheung was an original INSTRCC Undergraduate Fellow, organizing student film projects and creating tutorials in digital video editing. Graduating with a major in Film and Television, Jessica helped establish the tradition of student filmmaking by being part of the student group that made the first class film, an oral history of three Chinese Canadian women of different generations who had migrated from Hong Kong. Entitled “From Chopsticks to Hockey Sticks,” the film showed what could be done by a group of committed students using the growing power of digital video cameras and video editing software. She now works in the vibrant Vancouver film industry.

Joyce Tang graduated from UBC with a BA as well as a B.Ed, and was the first INSTRCC Undergraduate Fellow, helping create the website and message boards for the first classes as well as training her fellow students in website design. She continues to work for INSTRCC as the program’s liaison with the Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC.

Rosalyn Cua was also an original INSTRCC Undergraduate Fellow, helping design its website architecture. Currently, Rosalyn works in Victoria for the provincial government.