Tintin Yang (BA, International Relations)

My name is Tintin! I am a recent grad from UBC with a BA majoring in International Relations and a minor in ACAM. During my time at UBC I worked and volunteered for the AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre and volunteered at CiTR and Discorder. Some of my interests are: media, technology, critical theory, and politics.

What is a favourite memory or story you have from ACAM?

My memory story from ACAM was my time in ACAM 390 in Kaiping and Hong Kong. I don’t think I’ve heard the word “heritage” so many times in one summer, but it was such a rewarding and influential experience. Though my favourite memories from that trip was the time spent biking in rice fields and exploring Hong Kong.

Why did you declare a minor in ACAM? What drew you to the program?

I was drawn to ACAM because I had no idea something like this existed in university. I was shocked that there was a program that so specifically drew from the experiences and writing of Asian American/Canadian scholars. Though eventually I realized it was more than scholarship coming from people who I could identify with, but that ACAM was to its core an interdisciplinary field which really appealed to me. ACAM opened me up to so many perspectives regarding race, colonialism, politics, and literature that I likely wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise.

What is one piece of advice you would give your first-year self?

Follow what really interests you and that will serve you more than what you think you should be doing!