Course List 2021/22

The following is a guide to List A and List B courses offered in 2021-22.

Winter Term 1

Instructor Course code and title Notes
Laura Ishiguro ACAM 300 001 – Dis/Orienting Asian Canada Course schedule
Danielle Wong ACAM320D 001 – Special Topics on Race and Technology Course schedule
Carmen Kim (student coordinator) ACAM447C 001 – Student Directed Seminar: Centering Justice: A Structural Analysis on Mental Health of the Asian-Canadian Diaspora Course schedule
Christopher Patterson GRSJ 304 101 – Gaming the System: Digital Media, Social Justice, and Video Games Course schedule
Chris Lee ENGL 371 001 – Asian Canadian and/or Asian Transnational Studies Course schedule
Renisa Mawani SOCI 383 101 – Sociological Methods: Historical Research Course schedule
Laura Ishiguro HIST 304 101 – Researching Local History from the Ground Up Course schedule
Leonora Angeles PLAN 331 001 – The Just City in a Divided World Course schedule

Winter Term 2

Instructor Course code and title Notes
Benjamin Cheung ACAM320B 001 – Health Among the Asian Diaspora in Canada Course schedule
Alejandro Yoshizawa ACAM 350 001 – Asian Canadian Community-Based Media Course schedule
Y-Dang Troeung ENGL 374 001 – Post-colonial Literature Course schedule
Siyuan (Steven) Liu THTR 311 001 – Studies in Drama (Intercultural Theatre) Course schedule
Olivia Michiko Gagnon THTR 440B 001 – Topics in Theatre: Doing Race, Race-ing Theatre and Performance Course schedule
Anne Murphy HIST 475 201 – Documenting Punjabi Canada Course schedule
Henry Yu HIST 483 201 – Asian Migrations to the Americas Course schedule
Laura Ishiguro HIST 305 201 – History of British Columbia Course schedule
Wesley Attewell GOEG 346A 201 – Topics in Geography: Contact Zones: Indigenous and Imperial Pacifics Course schedule

Summer 2022

Instructor Course code and title Notes
Henry Yu ACAM390A 001 – Asian Migrations in a Global Context Course schedule

Winter Term 1

Instructor Course code and title Notes
Phanuel Antwi ENGL 360 001 – Early Canadian Writing Course schedule
Rosanne Sia GRSJ 316 101 – Queer and Trans of Colour Theorizing Course schedule
Alifa Bandali GRSJ 326 001 – The Politics of Gender, Families, and Nation-Building Course schedule
Harjot Singh Oberoi ASIA 309 001 – South Asian Beyond South Asia Course schedule
TBA GEOG 353 101 – Geographies of Migration and Settlement Course schedule
TBA GEOG 321 101 – Historical Geography of Urbanization: Cities, Space, and Power Course schedule
Dory Nason FNIS 310 001 – Critical Indigenous Theory Seminar Course schedule
Benjamin Cheung PSYC 307 003 – Cultural Psychology Course schedule

Winter Term 2

Instructor Course code and title Notes
Christopher Patterson GRSJ 308 201 – Creativity from the Margins Course schedule
JP Catungal GRSJ 328 201 – Theories of Subjectivity Course schedule
Siyuan (Steven) Liu THTR 340B 001 – Studies in Asian Theatre Course schedule
Mila Zuo FIST 338A 001 – Asian and Australasian Cinema Course schedule
TBA GRSJ 301 201 – Gender, Race, and Indigeneity in Canada Course schedule
Mark Harris GRSJ 303 001 – Gender, Race, Social Justice and Law Course schedule
Dina Al-Kassim ENGL 382 001 – Theory: Anti-/De-/Post-Colonization Course schedule
Linc Kesler FNIS 320 001 – Critical Indigenous Methodologies and Ethic Course schedule
Daniel Justice FNIS 456 101 – Indigenous Two-Spirit and Queer Studies Course schedule
Christina Yi ASIA 364A 001 – Modern Japanese Literature in Translation Course schedule
Sunera Thobani ASIA 389 001 – Life Writings of South Asian Diasporic Women Course schedule
Sunera Thobani ASIA 399 001 – Films of the South Asian Diaspora Course schedule
Glen Coulthard POLI 341C 001 – Contemporary Political Theory Course schedule
TBA PSYC 307 102/901 – Cultural Psychology Course schedule: section 102; section 901
TBA GEOG 328 201 – Constructing Canada Course schedule
Amanda Cheong SOCI 301 202 – Sociology of Development and Underdevelopment Course schedule
TBA SOCI 303 202 – Sociology of Migration Course schedule
Renren Yang HIST 390A 201 – Engendering China: Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Modern Chinese Histories (student directed seminar) Course schedule

Summer – 2022

Instructor Course code and title Notes
Alifa Bandali GRSJ 300 98A – Intersectional Approaches to Thinking Gender Course schedule