Apply for FI Fund

With the goal of making the Faculty Initiatives Fund (FI Fund) application process as accessible as possible, we are asking applicants to provide the following information using the form below: 

  • Name of applicant 
  • Title of applicant 
  • Home department or unit
  • Email address
  • Title of initiative (up to 20 words) 
  • Short description of initiative (between 150 to 200 words)
  • Requested funding amount and budget justification 
  • Self-identification from the priorities listed in the fund description (check all that apply) 

Each applicant can apply for up to $3000, with a maximum total of $25,000 of FI funding to be disbursed for this pilot round. 

Successful applicants will be invited to an informal celebration of Asian Canadian research and engagement at UBC, to be hosted by ACRE in April or May 2024. We will also ask successful applicants for a short report-back (about 250 words) on their funded activities and impact, which we will use to produce letters of support for ACRE-funded faculty members (e.g., for tenure files) and to report back on ACRE-supported activities.

We have set up an FAQ page to address some commonly asked questions.  If there are any other questions regarding the FI Fund or the application process, please contact