Travel Fund FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions with regards to the Travel Fund for Graduate Students.

Who can apply?

Graduate students registered in a UBC program are invited to apply. Priority will be given to Faculty of Arts students who are from a historically, persistently, and systemically marginalized group.

What are the criteria?

Please refer to the “Funding Priorities” section of the fund description page. 

Is this a pilot program?

Yes. We will evaluate the impact of this program and cannot guarantee ongoing support in future fiscal years. 

How do I apply?

Please fill out the application form and submit by Friday, March 15, 2024 (11:59pm). For students applying for retroactive support, please ensure you upload evidence of travel to your submission.

When will funding results be communicated?

Funding results will be e-mailed to applicants by Thursday, March 28, 2024.

Do I have to keep my receipts?

Applicants applying for funding support for the 2024-2025 fiscal year do not have to retain receipts; however, applicants applying for retroactive funding must submit receipts (or other forms of evidence) to obtain funding support. 

I traveled in 2023 and am not sure if I can locate my receipts. What do I do?

If you booked with a credit card, we will accept transaction records/statements (print screens, for example). Other documentation that may work includes e-mail documentation of registration fees. For more complicated cases, kindly e-mail to speak with a staff member.

What is the application deadline?

Friday March 15, 2024 (11:59pm).

How do I draft a budget?

List estimated expenses for different budget categories (such as accommodation, transport, meals, registration, and/or programming).  

Examples: $800 could be used to pay for multiple conference registration fees (located in different cities), or be used to offset one conference trip (examples: the AAAS or Congress this coming spring).

If my application is successful, when and how will I receive funding support?

We will communicate results to all applicants by Thursday, March 28, 2024. Successful applicants can access funding support in the following ways: 

a. ACRE/ACAM will communicate with your department administrator to arrange for the funds to be reflected in your SSC account. This process will take several weeks. 

b. Important: If you have time and finance constraints which limit your ability to purchase large-ticket items in a timely manner, please know that staff can support you to purchase some items (such as flights). Specific support will be provided on a case-by- case basis.